16 Best All-You-Can-Eat Restaurants in Manchester

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Whether you are looking to fill up for a celebration or just want the chance to sample a ton of new and exciting dishes, all-you-can-eat buffets or dining services are great fun to enjoy with family and friends.

From all-you-can-eat pizza in Manchester to all-you-can-eat sushi, the city’s food scene has always been strong but for those days of indulgence, there’s no place better.

All-you-can-eat are also a great option for people on a budget since they are great value for money.

So, are you ready to discover all the best all you can eat Manchester? Let’s get started!


Cosmo in Manchester
COSMO is the most famous all you can eat buffet Manchester

📍Address: 48-58 Deansgate, Manchester M3 2EGSee on Google Maps

COSMO first opened in 2017 and has been a big hit on the Manchester restaurant scene.

Their world buffet restaurant has literally everything you could possibly imagine. This all-you-can-eat in Manchester city centre is well worth a visit.

With more than 160 dishes from around the world, it’s hard to even touch the surface of the food that’s on offer at COSMO.

This buffet consists of Italian food, Thai delights, English roasts, sushi, Indian food and so much more.

With so much food and something for everyone, there’s an endlessly happy atmosphere at COSMO.

2. Thaikhun Trafford Centre

thai food

📍 Address: The Orient, 123, Intu Trafford Centre Manchester M17 8EH GB, Stretford, Manchester M17 8EHSee on Google Maps

Thaikhun is a Thai all-you-can-eat buffet in the Trafford Centre.

The interior is a bit bric-à-brac making it a feast for the eyes before you even see the food. There’s always an exciting buzz about the place.

Their all-you-can-eat buffet menu changes daily, however, you will definitely catch some of the classic Thai dishes.

Dishes on offer include Thai green curry, grilled chicken satay, massaman curry, prawn tom yum and much more.

For those sweet-toothed diners there’s also the dessert buffet, which includes ice cream, popcorn, chocolate fountain and more.

Whether you are new to Thai food or want to satisfy a craving from a trip to Thailand they’ve got you covered at Thaikhun.

3. Bem Brasil

Bem Brasil in Manchester

📍Address: 44 King St W, Manchester M3 2GQSee on Google Maps

Meat lovers will be fighting to get through the door at this authentic and atmospheric Brazilian all-you-can-eat in Manchester city centre.

Bem Brasil is known for its churrascaria experience.

Churrascaria is translated from the Portuguese word for barbecue, and you can almost begin to taste their mouth-watering meat selection.

Beef, pork, and chicken are roasted on a traditional barbecue locking in those juicy, succulent flavours.

Along with the meat, there are unlimited side dishes like salads, vegetables, and Brazilian stew.

This is a sit-down experience. Your churrascaria will be carved right at your table.

To let the wait staff know you want the food to keep coming you keep your table card on the green side.

There are also lots of halal-friendly options available.

4. TOPS Buffet Restaurant Manchester

Tops Buffet in Manchester

📍Address: 106 Portland St, Manchester M1 4RJSee on Google Maps

If you are looking for the best buffet in Manchester, TOPS is definitely a contender.

Located on Portland Street this around-the-world buffet will leave you stuffed in the best possible way.

From Chinese to Indian, Thai to Japanese, they’ve got a lot at TOPS. They have both a lunch and dinner all-you-can-eat menu as well as halal dishes.

This is an excellent place for all-you-can-eat sushi in Manchester with a ton of other Asian dishes too. Be sure to save room for the dessert bar.

There’s cake, classic desserts, chocolate fountain, frankly an overwhelming choice of foods.

Simply looking around this buffet is a workout in itself, it’s huge!

This place is huge so there’s always the humming of conversation filling the room.

5. Fazenda Rodizio Bar & Grill Manchester

brazilian food

📍Address: The Avenue, Manchester M3 3APSee on Google Maps

Like Bem Brasil, Fazenda offers up unique South American dishes that are packed with flavours.

Not only can you delve into some incredibly juicy meats, but you will be dining in stylish sophistication at Fazenda.

It’s waiter service at Fazenda, with each all-you-can-eat table being given a green and red double-sided card to flip when you want more food or a break.

You may be correct in assuming that Fazenda sizzling meat skewers, pork platters and large portions of beef are the main attraction, but their vegetarian dishes are also top-notch. 

Grilled veggies and truffle and parmesan fries are just some of the side dishes on offer.

6. Sushi Mami

Sushi Mami in Manchester

📍Address: 111 Portland St, Manchester M1 6DNSee on Google Maps

As well as an a la carte menu that features poke bowls and bento boxes Sushi Mami is renowned for its iconic all-you-can-eat sushi in Manchester.

Available all day from Monday to Thursday this all-you-can-eat experience is a sushi lover’s dream.

This is also an excellent restaurant for those who are new to sushi.

Sometimes it can be tricky with sushi to know what you like but here you can sample a wide variety of sushi.

From classic California rolls to tekka mahi and rainbow rolls they’ve got a lot.

Food waste has become a hot topic in recent times and Sushi Mami tries to combat that with a £1 charge per wasted food item.

This sustainable thinking is a great way to ensure people can enjoy all-you-can-eat but still be responsible.  

7. The Pen and Pencil

The Pen and Pencil in Manchester

📍Address: Fourways House, 57 Hilton St, Manchester M1 2EJSee on Google Maps

The Pen and Pencil is a popular Northern Quarter bar and restaurant.

Known for their lively and atmospheric nights out you may not know that they are also famed for their ‘Bottomless Brunch’.

Their Bottomless Brunch is not just bottomless drinks but bottomless food too.

This all-you-can-eat in Manchester city centre is only available on the last Saturday of every month so be sure to keep an eye on the date.

They have classic breakfast dishes like American pancakes, avocado and sourdough, eggs benedict and more.

There are also two vegetarian and vegan dishes. Drinks include prosecco, mimosa, and a special house cocktail.

8. WowYauChow Altrincham

WowYauChow in Altrincham Manchester

📍Address: 59 Stamford New Rd, Altrincham WA14 1DSSee on Google Maps

If you are looking for Chinese all-you-can-eat in Manchester, WowYayChow in Altrincham has got you covered.

This restaurant can also claim the title of the first ever Chinese bottomless brunch in Manchester.

On Saturday’s, WowYayChow has a 90 minute bottomless brunch that is utterly delicious.

Their all-you-can-eat menu is seemingly endless.

Starters include salt and pepper squid, spring rolls, prawn toast with a variety of tantalising dipping sauces.

For mains, there are bao buns with all kinds of fillings from fish to chicken and pork.

Dumplings, sweet and sour chicken and of course all the rice and noodles you can eat.

This all-you-can-eat is table service and perfect for those wanting to try a variety of new Chinese-influenced dishes.

9. Sakura Japanese Restaurant


📍Address: 175 Cheetham Hill Rd, Cheetham Hill, Manchester M8 8LGSee on Google Maps

This all-you-can-eat offering is done so in true Japanese style: seated at your table whilst ordering on a tablet!

Sakura will not disappoint in terms of style and ambiance, it’s authentic Japanese and feels like you’re dining in complete tranquillity.

Visit on the weekend and there’s even live music.

Some of the dishes on offer at Sakura include, nigiri, maki, temaki, and more.

There are also a host of salads and side dishes to choose from too.

The attentive, polite and friendly staff make the experience at Sakura even better.

10. Al Maidah

Indian food

📍Address: Sagar St, Cheetham Hill, Manchester M8 8EUSee on Google Maps

No list of the best all-you-can-eat restaurants in Manchester can be complete without Indian food.

Al Maidah is a fantastic place to sample a vast array of Indian and Pakistani dishes.

This buffet offers more than 100 items.

From salads to starters, curries, bread and desserts, they’ve got it all.

Although this restaurant is buffet-style the service is still excellent, with super helpful and attentive wait staff.

In addition to the buffet-style self-service there are also options to order flavoured naans, lamb chops and other dishes.

The restaurant’s interior is stylish and there’s enough space unlike at some buffets where you feel a bit crammed together picking your food.

11. Merzee

indian curry

📍Address: 1008 Stockport Rd, Manchester M19 3WNSee on Google Maps

Formerly known as Royal Nawab now called Merzee, this is another Manchester restaurant that offers a taste of Indian and Pakistani food.

Merzee pride themselves on their authentic South Indian cuisine.

This buffet-style all-you-can-eat is jam packed with dishes and a tantalising number of curries.

From chicken tikka to spicy vindaloo, they’ve got the curry down at Merzee.

You may also be tempted by their masala chips which will have you thinking you can eat chips no other way.

It’s a great place for eating alone, with friends or as part of a large group as they are very accommodating.

You will find this buffet-style restaurant along Stockport Road around three miles south of Manchester’s city centre.

12. Crazy Pedro’s

Crazy Pedro in Manchester
Crazy Pedros in Manchester

📍Address: 55-57 Bridge St, Manchester M3 3BQ and Short St, Manchester M4 1AASee on Google Maps

Crazy Pedro’s welcomes you and your crazy appetite for pizza.

As well as all the traditional pizza menu items, Crazy Pedro’s offers a sensational bottomless brunch.

Pizza lovers will be salivating at the sight of unlimited pizza.

For this 90 minute unlimited pizza, you can enjoy a selection of Crazy Pedro’s popular pizzas.

Mix it up or find a favourite, there’s no doubt this is a mouth-watering meal.

Be sure to book ahead of time. This is a super popular bottomless brunch and one not to be missed.

Please note that there are two Crazy Pedro’s locations in Manchester, one is located in the Northern Quarter and the other one in Deansgate so make sure to go to the right one.

13. China Buffet

China Buffet in Manchester
Looking for a chinese buffet Manchester? China Buffet is the place for you!

📍Address: 16 Nicholas St, Manchester M1 4EJSee on Google Maps

Located on Nicholas Street in Manchester’s city centre Chinatown, this is a wonderful place to satisfy those Chinese takeaway-style cravings.

There’s no need to book, just walk in at China Buffet.

This place isn’t flashy or fancy but they serve up good and filling Chinese food with unlimited dim sum, fried noodles, fortune cookies and more at China Buffet.

You might be getting a simple décor and stripped-back dining experience at China Buffet but the food speaks for itself.

14. Seconds Sunday Roast Carvery

Freight island in Manchester

📍Address: Freight Island, 11 Baring St, Manchester M1 2PZSee on Google Maps

Located in Freight Island (Depot Mayfield), Seconds Sunday Roast Carvery offers one of the best Sunday Roast in Manchester.

But the best thing about it is that you can go for seconds as many times as you want! This only includes the trimmings but it still make for a great buffet in Manchester on a sunday.

They have 4 types of mains: beef, gammon, turkey and mushroom wellington. This will be served by the chef but everything else is for you to choose.

You can help yourself to as much as you want including yorkshire puddings, broccoli, mash, carrots, roast potatoes, petit pois and of course gravy,

You can also choose the £4 option that will give you unlimited access to the pot of cheese, pigs in blankets and more.

15. Azuma

Korean food

📍Address: 73 Cavendish St, Manchester M15 6BNSee on Google Maps

Looking for a Korean BBQ buffet in Manchester? Azuma will be the perfect place!

Located near Manchester Oxford Road Station, Azuma is a small chain of Korean restaurants with locations in Manchester, Bradford and even Paris.

They offer a BBQ buffet with meat, vegetable and seafood options.

You will get access to all the food you want for 2 hours, which should be plenty!

There is a good diversity of dishes and all the meats are very well prepared and marinated. The dishes include spicy pork belly, pepper beef and more.

The staff is also very friendly, which is always a plus!

16. Emoji

📍Address: 28 Higher Cambridge St, Manchester M15 6AASee on Google Maps

Located near Manchester museum, Emoji is the perfect place for people looking for an Asian BBQ all you can eat place in Manchester.

They have two types of the menu. The classic one includes all the meats and vegetables and the premier one also includes seafood.

You will find a barbecue grill in the middle of each table and can get all the skewers you want and cook them in the middle.

As well as being good value for money, the concept at Emoji is quite fun and a great thing to do with friends.

You get unlimited food for 2 hours which is more than enough to be full!

Drinks can be ordered separately.

Now that you know everything about the best Manchester all you can eat, the only thing left to do is to book one and enjoy your meal!

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